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Adkins Dominique (blank) Member
Anderson David Senior Co-Chair
Austin Matthew Senior Member
Bailey Kyle Junior Member
Baker Cedric Senior Member
Barnett Shamar Senior Member
Barnwell Xaviera Senior Member
Bell Onyx Junior Member
Wesley Ann Junior Member
Beverly Jacob Senior Member
Borders Kristen Senior Member
Brown Jacquez Senior Leadership Team
Taylor Senior Member
Buck Madison Senior Member
Calhoun Adalis Junior Leadership Team
Callahan Amanda Freshman Leadership Team
Campbell Courtni Junior Leadership Team
Cannon Khadijah Freshman Member
Carr Tirys Junior Member
Carson Madeline Senior Member
Carter Bria Junior Member
Cathey Lauryn Junior Co-Chair
Cato Kyrie Junior Member
Chambliss Wil Junior Co-Chair
Cragan Anna Senior Member
Crow Joseph Junior Member
Dennis Jazzmyne Junior Leadership Team
Dent Nathan Senior Member
Dezormo Marjorie Senior Member
Diggs Stephanie Freshman Member
Doughty Unique Senior Member
Driscoll Paxton Senior Member
Dulin Arrington Senior Member
Edmonds Jayla Senior President
Fatima Mehreen Junior Leadership Team
Flanders Khaddisha Junior Member
Fowler Kenyona Senior Leadership Team
Gordon Jayden Sophomore Member
Gurley Na’Asia Junior Member
Hammock Anna Sophomore Member
Hammon Orlando Senior Member
Hardigree Emily Senior Member
Harrell Abigail Senior Member
Henderson Chuntianna Junior Member
Henry Christina Senior Member
Dorothy Junior Member
Herndon Imani Sophomore Member
Holcomb Valencia Junior Member
Howell Chelsey Junior Member
Hulett Patrick Senior Member
Hunter Brittany Senior Member
Isakova Irina Senior Member
Johnson Darshan Junior Member
Kyrah Junior Member
Sadie Senior Member
Temi Sophomore Member
Jordan Jon Cameron Junior Member
Joseph Hannah Junior Member
Kelley Augusta Senior Member
Kelly Michael Freshman Leadership Team
Tydarian Senior Member
King Tiana Senior Vice President
Large Joshua Freshman Member
Latham Jlynn Junior Member
Lockhart Savannah Senior Member
Lucas Mykell Junior Leadership Team
Lumpkin Fabian Senior Member
Mack Jordan Junior Member
Manning Ansley Senior Member
Manson Morgan Junior Member
Manwell Ashley Junior Member
Martin Justin Junior Member
McCoy Nicole Sophomore Member
Thomas Junior Member
McEady Jevontay Senior Member
Megow Thomas Freshman Member
Melton Jeremiah Junior Member
Millar Sariah Junior Member
Mills Marquel Junior Member
Milon David Senior Member
Minter Dexter Junior Member
Miranda Marlen Sophomore Member
Mary Senior Member
Missick Lyndeen Sophomore Member
Montero Sarahi Sophomore Secretary
Morrison Kenton Senior Member
Murphy Mason Junior Member
Nichols Jenee Junior Member
Norwood Deseray Junior Member
Olguin Joanna Freshman Member
Owensby Jr Larry Sophomore Member
Peters Emily Stewart Freshman Member
Piper Cameron Senior Member
Politano Nicolas Sophomore Member
Pueswann Kayla Sophomore Member
Rice Debreshia Junior Member
Roberts Cory Senior Member
Rogers Terel Senior Member
Rose Dana Senior Member
Saussy Cooper Junior Member
Shah Yesha Freshman Member
Sharper Brandon Freshman Member
Shealey Terri Freshman Secretary
Smith Davion Sophomore Member
Suzanne Graduate Member
Stafford Christian Freshman Member
Suggs Bryce Junior Member
Swan Kenneth Junior Co-Chair
Taylor Kenneth Senior Member
Thomas Alivia Junior Member
Shakia Junior Member
Thompson Seiler Freshman Member
Thornton Andre Junior Member
Timmons Stephen Senior Member
Veale Carson Senior Member
Waller Amanda Senior Member
Weaver Lawrence Senior Member
Weston Tony Junior Member
White Evan Freshman Member
Williams Mikayla Junior Member
Wilson Kendra Senior Member
Wood Jocelyn Junior Co-Chair
Thomas Freshman Member
Wright Bri’ashia Senior Member
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Message From the President

Welcome to VSU Enactus!!! This year VSU Enactus has two presidents. We are Courtni Campbell and Jocelyn Wood. If you want to improve the quality of life and standard of living of people in this community, put yourself in a position where you can impact the world we live in and watch yourself become a true, respected leader through personal development and team-building, you have come to the right place. VSU Enactus is the gateway to networking across the country, job opportunities, and exposure to the real world! We welcome you!!


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